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Complete range of fuel dispensers for non commercial use. Sturdy structure fitted with front door for easy maintenance operations. High capacity vane pump. Inbuilt bypass. Automatic nozzle with swivel connection. Inbuilt water absorption filter (or on request according to model) to ensure that dispensed product is free of impurities. Nutating-disk displacement flow meter with mechanical readout system.

◆ Flow rates from 70 to 90 l/min
◆ Meter accuracy: 1%
◆ Continuous operation
◆ Noise less than 70 dB

CUBE 70/33

◆ Flow rates 70 l/min.
◆ Tension Volt/Hz 230/50
◆ Power 550 W
◆ Pre-selected dispensing
◆ Accuracy: +/-0.5 % within flow rate range
◆ Local memory capable of storing data for the last 200 deliveries
◆ Can accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings
◆ Records date and time of dispensing
◆ Dedicated software for making printouts of dispensing details and individual user summaries
◆ Magnetic keys for user identification

CUBE 56/33 M

◆ Flow-rate (max): up to 56 l/min (70 l/min Cube DC)
◆ Continuous operation at 230 V
◆ Noise level: below 70 dB
◆ Precision of flow-meter: ±1%


◆ Precision ± 0.5 % in flow rate range after calibration
◆ Repeatability 0.2%
◆ Pressure loss < 0.5 bars (7 psi) at max flow rate


◆ Precision ± 0.5 % in flow rate range after calibration
◆ Repeatability 0.2%
◆ Pressure loss < 0.5 bars (7 psi) at max flow rate


◆ 8 digits resettable total available
◆ Resettable total available
◆ 8 digits non resettable total
◆ 5 digits partial
◆ Flow rate
◆ Possibility to set unit of measure
◆ Possibility to set pulse out
◆ Calibration
◆ Low battery icon


◆ Automatic Shut-off for Heavy-Duty High-Flow Truck, Bus, and Home Fuel Oil Delivery. Right angle design, dual poppets, and 2-position hold
    open device. Available with 1 1/2" inlet (NSN 4930-01-290-0756).


◆ If you operate a full-service truck stop, refuel your own fleet or manage a card lock refueling location, the low cost, long life and durability of
    the OPW 7H® high flow nozzle can help increase your productivity, sales and profits.

SELF 2000

◆ The Self 2000 is today still the point of reference in the field of fuel nozzles for manual dispensing. Equipped with a strong aluminum housing
    with an integrated swivel connector and a hammer-free valve, it functions with low loss of head and is indicated for flow capacities up to 120

SELF 3000

◆ The Self 3000 is manufactured with a resistant aluminum body enclosed in a anti-shock plastic shell that increases the nozzle's ease of handling
    by making the grip comfortable even when used at low temperatures.
    The nozzle’s integrated swivel connector, and the hammer-free valve inside it, guarantee a high degree of safety. Its low loss of head, given the
    conformation of the valve, allow it to function at flow capacities up to 150 l/min. Thanks to the reduced force necessary to open the valve, the
    Self 3000 nozzle can be used for the transfer of oil with working pressures up to 10 bars (142 psi).


◆ Plastic versions with a flow rate up to 80 l/min are also available. A version for water and food is available.


The OPW 11AP-0492 and 11BP-0492 nozzles are designed for use with today’s alternative fuels, and feature a protective, electroless, nickel-plated body and spout to prevent contamination of E85, E100 and methanol fuels.

E80/E120 - AC

◆ Cast iron pump body with anti-corrosion treatment and paint.
◆ Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes.
◆ Incorporated by-pass valve.
◆ Induction motor with aluminum casing and anchoring brackets.
◆ Protection grade IP55.
◆ Suitable for continuous service with thermal motor overload protection.
◆ 1" flanged connectors, external filter.


◆ Cast-iron pump casing, treated against corrosion and paint-finished.
◆ Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetalic resin blades.
◆ Mechanical seal.
◆ Bypass valve built into pump casing.
◆ In-built 100-micron filter, easily accessible for cleaning.
◆ Induction motor with aluminium casing.
◆ Grade of protection: IP 55.
◆ Continuous running.
◆ Threaded joints on pump casing. Flanged joints available on request (already mounted on Panther 72).

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